Specifications & Components

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Get the Right Fit

GreenSpeed trikes use an X-Seam measurement to determine the proper fit for a trike. This measurement simulates your leg length when sitting on the trike. An accurate measurement is essential to ensure a perfect fit. 


How To Measure Your X-Seam

 NOTE: Having a friend help is strongly recommended. 

1) Lean a sturdy board (ironing board, etc.) up against a wall. The distance from the wall to the bottom of the board should be half the length of the board. 

2) Sit tight against the bottom of the board wearing the shoes you will use to ride, lean back, straighten your legs and point toes straight up. 

3) Measure the distance from the base of the board to the sole of your shoe. This is your X-Seam. Record this measurement in inches for ordering a trike. 

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