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The Aero is uncompromising in its pursuit for speed. Every aspect of the Aero has been designed to increase aerodynamics, and make it the best performing trike on the market.

The frame is crafted from 7005 aluminum alloy, which keeps the trike lightweight without compromising strength. Riders will find a host of aero-enhancing features such as: airfoil shaped outriggers, drag-reducing handles, 20° low seat angle, and carbon disc wheel covers.

Finally, outfitted with premium componentry and custom lightweight GreenSpeed Scorcher tires, riders pilot the trike in the comfort of a classic GreenSpeed seat. With breathable mesh and adjustable, compliant shock cord.


Frame Material

7005 Aluminium Alloy

Steering System


Seat Type

Frame Integrated w/ Mesh Cover

Seat Recline°


Boom Type


X-Seam Range


Wheelbase Length


Overall Length (Max)

73.25 - 81.5”

Track Width


Crankset Height


Seat Height


Total Weight

32.5 lbs

Combined Load Limit

250 lbs

Turning Dimensions**


Component Levels Available

20 Spd

For full specifications & components, click here.

All Dimensions are in inches/feet. All Specifications and Components are subject to change without notice.

* Seat fore/aft adjustment may limit recline range.
** Turning dimensions are from the centerline of the trike. NOTE: The fore/aft setup of the seat may change the turning dimensions slightly.

Satisfy the need for speed with the GreenSpeed Aero