Built off the elegantly designed GT20, the GT20-RS adds rear suspension to the frame. This allows for greater shock absorption, giving your adventure even more stability and comfort.

Features such as low rolling resistance tires, a shock-cord supported seat, and a forgiving frame which flexes with the road all add to the exceptional comfort of the GT20-RS.

Not just designed for comfort and suspension, the GT20-RS is loaded from crank to cassette with top componentry making the trike extremely efficient and powerful. The GT20 also features easy to operate bar-end shifters and cross-over steering for superior control, all in a conveniently foldable frame.


Frame Material

7005 Aluminium Alloy (w/ Rear Suspension)

Steering System

GS Crossover

Seat Type

Height Adjustable Aluminum

Seat Recline°


Boom Type


X-Seam Range


Wheelbase Length


Overall Length (Max)


Track Width


Box Dimensions


Crankset Height


Seat Height


Total Weight

39 lbs

Combine Load Limit

300 lbs

Turning Dimensions**


Component Levels Available

27 Spd

For full specifications & components, click here.

All Dimensions are in inches/feet. All Specifications and Components are subject to change without notice.

* Seat fore/aft adjustment may limit recline range.
** Turning dimensions are from the centerline of the trike. NOTE: The fore/aft setup of the seat may change the turning dimensions slightly.

Upgraded rear suspension for your GT20


Surcharge Notice

*Due to unexpectedly high freight costs, a $75 pass-thru surcharge is being added to all trikes in addition to the retail price.