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A Recognized Leader in the Recumbent Trike Market 1990 - the year the first web page was created, it was also the year that Ian Sims built his first recumbent bike from metal scraps, and later a recumbent trike- which attracted much attention and praise as he rode for 540 kms around his home state of Victoria, Australia. GreenSpeed was born and quickly became synonymous with innovation, superior design, comfort and functionality for people all over the world.
Ian Sims 1944 -2019 His dreams live on

The Culture Of Innovation Timeline

Paul’s Journey The Impossible Power of Determination

Paul Pritchard is not your average guy.
An avid climber, Paul's life changed after a freak climbing accident, leaving him a hemiplegic. Paul and his partner rode their Greenspeed trikes 1000 km over the world's harshest terrain, the Himalayas

Customer Story
“This journey was probably the most severe test run any trike could endure, and the Magnum stood up admirably.” A born explorer, Paul was one of the best rock climbers in Europe until 1998 when a climbing accident almost killed him. See the ABC Story
— Paul Pritchard, Adventurer / Tasmania
"So now you know why I call Ian the “Enabler”. He and his team have enabled me and supported me in getting my life back!” The GreenSpeed motto of “Get Out There” says it all for me."
— Peter James, Melbourne, Australia
“GreenSpeed is the gold standard of trikes. Mine took me from Virginia to Oregon (4200 miles) and down the Rocky Mountains at white knuckle speeds but I felt safe. I felt like I was in a Porsche.”
— Janet Buckwalter, USA
“The sudden acceleration, light and positive steering, fast cornering and powerful braking are an experience not to be missed. The GreenSpeed is an electrifying ride, making my sluggish body feel like a powerful engine”.
— Jim McGurn, U.K
“The Anura tandem is a great vehicle for picking people up. My husband was flying home from New York. I met him at the light-rail station near the airport with this rig, and we rode home together, stopping for groceries on the way.”
— Mary Arneson, Minneapolis USA
GreenSpeed – Changing Lives

"My Name is Peter James, a 62 year old disabled man diagnosed in Oct 1995 with Multiple Sclerosis. MS is an insidious incurable autoimmune disease affecting the central nerve system. With a rapid decline in mobility and associated health issues forced me to early retirement at age 54 in Jan 2006.

I have secondary progressive MS, T2 Diabetes and Osteoporosis. Gradually I became obese through a sedentary life style and increasing disability from the ravages of MS".

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