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Historical Newsletters
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Historical Newsletters

  • New Ergonomic Seats and Rear Suspension
  • GS Options - Rohloff & Schlumpf
  • New GT3 Folding Trike
  • GreenSpeed Pedal Prix Racing
  • Advantages of Short Cranks
  • New SLR Trike and New Tyres
  • Pedal Prix Racing & Scorcher Tyres
  • New "X" Series Trikes
  • Small Frame Trikes & Velomobiles
  • New GreenSpeed Delta Trike
  • GS Velomobile & Race Trikes

New Ergonomic Seats and Rear Suspension

Welcome to the 1st edition of the GreenSpeeder. Many thanks to the many of you who have asked to receive this newsletter. I am humbled by growing number of over one hundred requests. I hope that I can satisfy your desires for more news and information about GreenSpeed. Please let me know what you would like to see in this newsletter. The more feedback I get, the more likely I am to meet your expectations. This one is a bumper issue as I'm trying to shove in all the things that have happened in the last year!


GS Options - Rohloff & Schlumpf

During the last two months we have been busy with shows in both Australia and the USA. These shows require quite a lot of preparation, as well as time away from the office and the factory. However they give us the opportunity of meeting face to face with dealers and customers, and enable us to gather valuable feedback on our trikes and our service. Also coming up this month is the annual Maryborough Pedal Prix where over 150 school teams compete in a 24 hr race, scoring points for construction, design, and presentation, as well as race results. So this is a busy time of the year for us, as we head towards Christmas and our summer holidays. We will be taking two weeks off over Christmas, knocking off on Friday the 19th December, and resuming on Monday 6th January 2004.


New GT3 Folding Trike

"The time has come", the Walrus said. And indeed it has. Time has come to tell you all about what we at GreenSpeed have been working on for over a year - a brand new trike! So this newsletter will give you all the stuff you need to know about Greenspeed's new GT3 Folding Trike and more ;-)


GreenSpeed Pedal Prix Racing

Each time I come to write this newsletter, I think "It can't be that time again already?!" and then the next thought is "What on earth am I going to write about?" However it always seems to be, that given 5 quiet minutes with a pen and paper, I suddenly have a longer list of topics than I can cover in the time available. Such is the pace here at GreenSpeed, with such an enthusiastic and dedicated band of workers. As they say, time flies when you are having fun :-)


Advantages of Short Cranks

It has taken me some time to come back to earth after our trip, and to catch up with the work that was waiting for me when I got back. I've now managed to put more details of our new GT3 Folding Trike on the GS Web Site, at :- www.greenspeed.com.au/gt3.htm This shows in detail how the trike folds up. I've also put up more pictures of the other trikes with the Ergo seats, and there is more to come. Plus I've put links to the frame colours and seat colours on the order page. Please let me know of more things that you would like to see on our Web Site.


New SLR Trike and New Tyres

The last couple of months have been very busy for us at GreenSpeed as we have been preparing for our largest show of the year at Intebike, Las Vegas, this month, and also for the Bicycling Australia Show in Melbourne last weekend. We have also been working very hard to fill a container load of trikes for the USA market, so that they can be sent to our USA distributor for immediate delivery to shops. Hopefully this will reduce the waiting time for our trikes in the USA. Plus we have been working on new models for next year as usual. Here are some of the highlights of the past couple of months.


Pedal Prix Racing & Scorcher Tyres

Welcome to another year at Greenspeed. The end of last year saw the 14th running of the Pedal Prix at Maryborough, and a rush to get a number of trikes built before the Christmas/Summer holidays, including one for a disabled boy as a Christmas present. This year has started with more tyre testing, work on assembling a batch of Tandems for the USA, and organising production of the new GT5 trikes. Our 1st Bike Show for the year will be Spezi, in Germersheim, Germany, on 23 and 24th April. So the next job will be preparing for tha


New "X" Series Trikes

I cannot believe that we are 1/2 way through this year already! Last year I lost so much time with overseas trips, I decided to send Mick and Paul overseas this year, and stay home, so I could keep working. However with Paul off work with a back injury, and Mick in Europe and the USA, plus the fact that Telstra disconnected our factory email because of a virus attack, and could not seem to re-connect it for over a week, I was even busier than usual! Needless to say we have now got a new internet provider, Internode, so any Bigpond email addresses anyone has for us are obsolete, and should be deleted (see below). Big news for this newsletter is the new X5 Sports Trikes which have been selling far faster than any of us expected.


Small Frame Trikes & Velomobiles

Last time I wrote this newsletter, I was surprised that it was already 1/2 way through 2005, now it is 1/4 way through 2006! As they say, "Time goes faster when you are having fun" or "It's later than you think!" I'd often thought about retiring to sunny Queensland, and now, all of a sudden, through an amazing chain of events, I've been spending my long service leave living in a house on the Sunshine Coast, 5 minutes walk from a golden surf beach, which stretches for many miles in either direction. Needless to say, my sons, Mick and Paul, seem to be doing a better job of running GreenSpeed than I was, so I've now been doing a lot less GreenSpeed work, which is welcome after many years of working 80 hour weeks. I've also been freer to pursue my passion for personal development, and have enjoyed doing a number of courses. This week I'm back in Melbourne, back at work, so let me tell you about what has been happening at GreenSpeed.


New GreenSpeed Delta Trike

It is now over a year since I wrote my last newsletter, so this one is long overdue. As you can imagine a LOT of things have happened at GreenSpeed over that time. The main news it that the Series II GT3/5 trikes are now in production, along with our new delta trike, code named the Frog, and now called the Anura, after over a year of development, and working through six prototypes. The other big news is we now have a new distributor in Europe which will lower our European prices, and make GreenSpeed trikes more readily available in Europe. Hope you enjoy this Newsletter, and please feel free to give me any feedback.


GS Velomobile & Race Trikes

GreenSpeed's new velomobile was launched -- reportedly to wide acclaim -- last week at the Interbike Trade Exposition held annually in late September in the U.S. city of Las Vegas. Named the Glyde, this velomobile had been much awaited-- and a long time coming. For many years we at GreenSpeed have been working on a dream I had of producing a viable green alternative to the motor car. I wanted something that was so advanced that it made cars obsolete, something so much more efficient that it would use less than 100th of the energy needed to run a car. When compared to a bicycle, such a vehicle obviously needed to be faster, afford all-weather protection, and provide more capacity for luggage and shopping. Most of all, it needed to be more convenient and more desirable than a car, such that even people who were not environmentally conscious would choose it over a car, and thus contribute to making this planet a better place to live in. Our first faired trike, built in 1992, needed a force of only 1.0 kg to push it along at 60 kph, when tested by the NRMA. However, it was basically rather unattractive. The next machine, while it looked like a million dollars, did not have the performance to match, and posed a number of other problems. Now, after having created and tested a large number of different prototypes over 16 years, I believe we have finally achieved the dream! The performance of the Glyde has to be experienced to be believed. Even riding into a strong headwind, you will think there is a tailwind behind you! If you can achieve 15 mph (24kph) on an ordinary bike, you will achieve 24 mph (38 kph) in our velomobile. All of a sudden, commuting distances which were erstwhile too far on a bike have become attainable with the Glyde... A new era in personal transportation has arrived!


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