Magnum Quick Release Adjustment
Magnum Quick Release Adjustment
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Magnum Quick Release Adjustment


  • Magnum Front Wheel Quick Release Adjustment

    The Magnum has a wheelchair type of  “Pop – Off” or “Push – Button” Quick-Release axle on the front wheels to enable the wheels to be removed in less than a second, for transporting, storage, and simply to make puncture repair quicker and easier.

    However like the Q/Rs on an ordinary bike, they MUST be properly adjusted before the trike is used, preferably by the dealer, otherwise the wheels may come off when the trike is being ridden! And although the axles might take some time to work their way out, there will be loss of braking at that wheel, as the brake drum hub comes away from the shoes.

    So please read below, and understand how to adjust these axles. You may click on the photos for access to higher resolution photos.

  • This photograph shows the inner end of the Quick Release rod projecting from the inner end of the axle after the button has been released. This means that the balls are partly depressed, and the wheel may come off in riding. If this is the case with your trike, please adjust it, or have a Dealer adjust it for you.

  • Magnum Front Wheel Quick Release Adjustment

    To adjust the axle, 1st make sure the brake lever is off. Then remove the wheel from the trike, by pressing the button in the middle of the wheel, keeping it pressed, and pulling the wheel off. You can then remove the axle from the wheel if you wish, or you can leave the axle in the wheel. Then with a 19 mm wrench (spanner) on the large nut, and a 10 mm one on the end of the axle, loosen the nut a fraction of a turn at a time, and retry the axle in the wheel and kingpin bush, and repeat until the end of the Q/R rod is just flush with the end of the axle, as shown below.

Please note that there will be some side play in the wheel on the axle. This is normal and necessary for the Q/R to work properly.

From more information, please download and watch my Magnum Assembly Instructions videos on the Support page of our website.

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