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GreenSpeed Recumbent Trikes Cycle-Con 2018

Cycle-Con Coming Soon

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Nashville, October 11, 12 & 13

Recumbent Cycle-Con 2019 (RC-C 2019) will be the 8th Recumbent Cycle-Con show, which has grown to be the largest recumbent show in the world. Nowhere else will you have the opportunity to test ride so many different recumbents from manufacturers from all over the world, speak face to face with the manufacturers, and talk to dealers and owners from all over the USA.

This year the show will be in Nashville, Tennessee, at Nashville Fairgrounds, 625 Smith Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203. It will be in the Agriculture Building, which at over 20,000 square feet, it is larger than the one in Philadelphia. This year the official hotel will be the Hyatt Place Nashville/Brentwood, 202 Summit View Drive, Brentwood, Tennessee, 37027 USA

Over recent years GreenSpeed has shown an exciting number of new prototypes each year, as we have changed our line up from our traditional Cro Mo frames with fixed seats, to new advanced models with folding aluminium alloy frames, adjustable seats, and other new features. Unfortunately, these models were not available for purchase at that time, but the feedback was so good that we now have all these new models in production and available for both test riding AND sale! Thus this year the GT20-RS with rear suspension will be available for test riding and purchase. Plus the new X7 Sports Trike, designed to fill the gap between the low Aero Race Trike, and the lightweight GT20, will be available for test riding and purchase. Unlike the “no compromise” Aero, which is the fastest production trike, and winner of 2017’s Bent Rider On Line’s Best Trike of the Year Award, the X7 is a very compact trike, which folds, and has the seat adjustable for both angle and height.

New GreenSpeed Trikes

The X7 Sports Trike
is lightweight foldable trike with 30 speeds with 16” wheels which have both less inertia and lower rolling resistance than the traditional 20” inch wheels, giving both better acceleration and higher speeds with a 28/42/56 triple crankset. Unlike the Aero, but like the GT20, the seat is adjustable for both angle and height.

greenspeed; sports trike; adult tricycle

X7 Sports Trike

The GT20 – RS Trike is a GT20 trike with rear suspension. For the RS, the gear train has been upgraded from a 24 speed system to a 27 speed system. Like the GT20, the seat is adjustable for both angle and height. And is available in red, blue, green, yellow and orange.

greenspeed; sport trike; ian sims

GT20 – RS

So please come to the show to meet the GreenSpeed crew, talk to us, and compare our trikes with the best of what the world of recumbents has to offer.

More information about the show can be found here: –

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