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New Fats GreenSpeed Trike

GreenSpeed Factory Open Day August the 19th

by admin | August 1st, 2017 | 0 comments

How many gears can you have on a trike? How about 252? This is what we used on a new prototype. If this is too many for you how about only 168? And a range from 4 to 140 inches? This is what happens when you marry the Pinion P1.12 twelve speed gearbox with the 154 speed Rohloff hub. How steep a hill can to climb with a bottom gear of 4 inches? Come to the Greenspeed Factory Open Day on Saturday, August the 19th and find out. We have a number of new and exciting trikes for you to test ride.

Even wondered what the inside of the GS factory looks like? Come and see a LOT of new stuff, including Fat tyred trikes, power assisted trikes, and even a power assisted trailer. Browse through our extensive range of parts and accessories, and pick up a bargain.

Meet the GreenSpeed staff and talk to many other trikers, some from interstate. Have fun!


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