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CLIENTS Opinions & Comments on GreenSpeed Trikes

by admin | February 21st, 2017 | 0 comments

What Owners say…

We purchased a trike from you for our daughter, Kyra, who has a physical disability when she was about 12 years old. Kyra is now 30 years old and has used her trike almost every day since. It is fantastic! We had the trike made so she operates gears, steering and brakes with her left hand only. Kyra really needs a new and bigger trike now which we’re looking into. Thank you for such a brilliant product, it has changed Kyra’s life for the better! – Jodie

“The sudden acceleration, light and positive steering, fast cornering and powerful braking are an experience not to be missed. The GreenSpeed is an electrifying ride, making my slugish body feel like a powerful engine.” – Jim McGurn “Encycleopedia” 1993/4, U.K

“I enjoyed the ride immensely. The trike was just what I needed . For me the greatest benefit from the trike was the stability and the ease of handling.” – Diane Eager, Canberra, Australia

“The GreenSpeed is great. You ride like on rails even when it’s very icy. You don’t feel so cold because of the lieing position” – Andreas Falschlunger, Schwoich, Austria

“What a marvellous other life it was! Fourteen months, 206 riding days, 15,035 km. That was our ride around Australia. The GreenSpeeds did not let let us down once. In fact the trikes, now sitting in the garage, look at us as though to say: ‘Come on, we can do it again!'” – Val Wright & Eric Butcher, Ocean Grove, Australia

“The strength and durability of the machine is quite remarkable and is a credit to you.” – Tony Wheal, Hoppers Crossing, Australia

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