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Don’t Stop Until You Try(ke) It!

by admin | February 21st, 2017 | 1 comment

Lise and I were up and out of the house early, pulling the RV trailer over to Red Mountain Park for the inaugural triking event for stroke and brain injury awareness. We parked it on one side of the lot and went back for the trike hauler—all clean and shiny for showing off our fleet!

Danielle (of Swan Rehab) and her team did a wonderful job setting up the event. There were 1- and 6-mile courses for trikers and a 1-mile “Community Walk” for those who didn’t ride. Most of the riders had a companion, and SpokesFightingStrokes made up the support team, Jenn and Dan in the lead with Lise and Alex riding “Sweep” at the back. Kelly stayed with the RV offering shirts-for-donation. There were multitudes of volunteers–posted at each turn, between turns, the water station and finish line—cheering wildly as we rode past. This enthusiastic community service was a required part of their PT training at Pima Community College. Thank you all for helping out!!

This event was co-organized by members of the Arizona Physical Therapist Assistant Special Interest Group. Also present were HealthSouth Scottsdale, chair-massage therapists, a DJ and many more.

About 20 people brought their own trikes, and many other folks tried out the trikes in our fleet, including the nine year old son of a stroke survivor-rider—on co-organizer Linda’s new Catrike Pocket! (At our January planning meeting in the park, she liked our fleet Pocket so much she decided to buy one at Sun Cyclery; as a member of the AZ PT Association, she is sold on triking for stroke and brain injury recovery!)

The TerraTrike Tandem Pro was a big hit; a couple visiting from South Dakota got on it and rode the 6-mile course—she has a progressive muscle-atrophy disease and had given up on most types of exercise, but now loves riding stoker (they can again have fun while exercising together)! They’ve opted to join us again for our Tuesday ride clinic at Tempe Town Lake.

I was proud to see newly recovering stroke survivors riding on their own, discovering freedom and independence! One guy in a motorized wheelchair tried out the GreenSpeed Magnum with its assistive pedal and leg-brace. He rode off on a last, impromptu course across the field and came back eager to go again. We invited him to join us at Tempe’s Greenbelt path for one of our Tuesday group rides (adding a second clinic at 1PM on Tuesdays, 700 W Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe Ctr for the Arts’ parking lot). We met a lot of people who had interest in furthering their recovery through trike riding.

Feels like SpokesFightingStrokes is finally making a difference!!

Dan Zimmerman talking with a group about how triking has changed his life.
He is charismatic and a great crusader for GreenSpeed.

First ride since stroke……GS rocks it!!!

GreenSpeed gave Ted back his life. He is up to 5 mile rides and jubilant.


By Dan Zimmerman

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