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Review of 2017 GreenSpeed Aero

by admin | October 25th, 2016 | 0 comments

Spoiler alert: I own three trikes, none older than 2 years, an Icetrike Sprint X, a Catrike 700 and a brand new GreenSpeed Aero. I love them all and ride them only in Italy in the province of Le Marche, from the town of Sarnano, a hilltop village first built in 1265. I rent out the two bedroom apartment in the historic center. I am a Canadian/American, retired, 74 years old.
This review is of the Aero. The others have been well covered.

First, my overall impression. Drum rolllllllll. FANTASTIC!!!!
In my opinion, this trike is so far ahead of the competition that it’s like Star Trek, 28th century. On every level that I am able to judge, this machine sets a new objective standard that will take years to surpass.

To those readers who judge a trike by weight, let me say, mine came in under 30 pounds, with pedals, ready to ride. Yes, it has little storage, but this is not the minivan of trikes. This is a speed machine. The entire machine is directed toward speed and efficiency. The shaped crossbar, the 20 degree seat angle which fit my 5 foot 7 inch body, the twin joy stick steering, all the little engineering details like the fitting of the drum brakes. The steering was comfortable in about 30 minutes. There is less pedal steer on this trike than my other steeds. You do have to remind yourself to relax at speeds above 50 kilometers an hour. The low height of the frame above ground makes the ride feel planted. As they say in Maine, wicked fast.

The brakes are drums, oversize, and I must say, required and necessary. I found, on the regular rides I take, that I needed them to slow down, even on slight long downhills with turns. Frankly, I get scared above 60 k. sometimes, below that speed. The brakes respond immediately, with no sign of fade. The rolling resistance is so low with the Scorcher tires, it’s a sight to behold.

I ordered my trike with the Schlumpf gear. Frankly, IMHO, everyone should have them. It simplifies the front end, gives better gearing for the hills in central Italy, and does not seem to sacrifice speed on the flats. I can think of no negatives. The weight is lighter, you dispense with one set of controls (which I kept feeling for), and the operation is a snap. Literally, a snap. This is the future.

Because I ride in Italy, albeit in one of the less populated areas, I added a tall flag at the tail. Yes, it increases drag, but it’s safer. I also put on lights and wear a helmet mirror……. I put my head on a custom head rest by Finer Recliner.

The roads I ride on are almost without exception, excellent. I would not ride this machine on gravel or off road. It’s not meant for that. I have not, so far, bottomed out. The trike is slightly narrower than the catrike 700, but that has not proven a problem.

On the road back to my hill top village, Sarnano, the road has multiple turns and is fairly steep downhill. I will not say that I can keep up with a Porsche or Ferrari, but I have no trouble maintaining the same speed on this section as a Fiat 500. I have never had any cars honking to get by. On the straights where a car may pass, it is common to hear yells of bravo, bravo. With the Aero, I have to use the brakes on this section, or I will exceed my safe working limit. A younger, braver rider could easily achieve warp speed. A drag chute would be a nice accessory in the catalog.

Yes, there are carbon trikes which are lighter and possibly faster, but I doubt by much. The GreenSpeed Aero is a wonderful combination of amazing elegant engineering translated into practical metal work and operational ability. You can tell that years of thought have gone into this recumbent. I calculate at least a 20 per cent increase in speed on most trips over my other trikes. Also, it is easier to ride up and down the Italian hills without exhaustion. I cannot think of anything better. As I use the trike for everyday travel to all the towns within a 50 mile radius, I am still amazed when I enter the piazza of a small hill town and other riders and pedestrians come out and cheer an older person in the company of the well dressed and high end two wheelers. Italians love two wheelers and are amazed by a trike.

Oh, I suggest the brilliant yellow or red for colours. Come visit Le Marche. Bring your trike. Ciao.

David Grestal
October 2016

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