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Ian’s Sims GreenSpeed Laidback Bike Report

by admin | March 6th, 2016 | 0 comments

There is nothing more popular in the bent world today than the trike. If there is one man identified with creating the modern day recumbent three wheeler and bringing a viable product to market that would have to be Ian Sims. This is the fascinating story of how Ian turned his job loss into a personal period of creativity and opportunity.

Please watch me and our special guest panelist Larry Varney as we sit down with the Cycle-Con Industry Recognition Award winner and Greenspeed ( CEO live from Australia. Denny Voorhees is back this month with a Laidback Sports Report and we entertain your questions and comments as always.

00:02:39 Panel Introduction
00:04:35 Introduction of Special Guest Ian Sims CEO of GreenSpeed
00:06:25 Presentation and Interview with Ian Sims
01:07:40 Questions from our audience for Ian

To see the full See full Laid Back Bike Report, Streamed live on 6th March 2016 > See You Tube link



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